Obliteracy Legal Information

Terms of Service

- Obliteracy and Obliteracy.com are provided as-is, without any warranty, implicit or explicit.
- We retain the right to disable any account and block any and all access to Obliteracy.com to any entity for any reason, including (but not limited to) hacking attempts, cheating, abuse, disrespecting other users, and good old-fashioned spite.
- We make every attempt to ensure that AI opponents play unoffensive words; however, we make no restrictions for human players in both single-player and multiplayer. Be advised that human opponents can play words that are offensive.
- As we are in testing, our community management infrastructure is lacking. If you encounter abuse, please report it using the "Bugs/Feedback" interface on the Obliteracy.com main page.
- As our servers are provided free-of-charge to all users, we make no guarantees as to the availability or reliability of our servers.
- Should we ever retire Obliteracy.com and/or the Obliteracy game servers, we will make an honest effort to provide advance notice to our users, but we cannot guarantee said notice will be made.
- Obliteracy.com may send users notifications of multiplayer activity, such as turn notifications and new challenge notifications. We cannot guarantee that these notifications will always be delivered in a timely fashion, if at all.

Game Content

- While this game is not formally rated, it is designed to be appropriate for the typical 13-year-old. It contains fantasy violence, mild language, minimally suggestive themes, and non-explicit romantic themes.
- Single-player dialog includes threatening language; references to bodily harm, death, and combat; and includes a character who hears and is involuntarily influenced/controlled by voices in her head.
- While we have made extensive efforts to keep the single-player AI opponents from using offensive words, we cannot guarantee that we've caught them all; the English language is rife naughty words, many of them obscure. If you encounter an offensive word, please report it either by tapping/clicking on your character and selecting the "Help Improve Dictionary" button, or by reporting the offensive word using the "Bugs/Feedback" button on Obliteracy.com.
- Human players are allowed to use offensive, vulgar, and derogatory language found in Wiktionary.org's English word list, both in single player games and in multiplayer games.
- At present, there is no option to restrict a multiplayer account to the AI's "clean" dictionary.
- If you are under 13, please get your parent's permission to play this game.

Privacy Policy


- Obliteracy.com collects your email address solely for purposes of communicating game-related information, such as multiplayer turn notifications and account management.
- Magic Chopstick Games will never sell or give your email address away to a third party.
- Users may receive turn notifications and game invitations via email. These settings can be changed by selecting your username at the bottom of the main menu.
- If you receive an invitation to create a multiplayer account at Obliteracy.com, the person who invited you will receive an email when you create an account.

Usernames and Game Data

- Obliteracy.com collects information about words played in both single-player and multiplayer games. We use this information primarily for leaderboards, improving the AI dictionaries and facilitating multiplayer games.
- Obliteracy's multiplayer system uses Gravatars if you have configured one for your email address. More information on Gravatars and how they work can be found at Gravatar.com.
- Your username and Gravatar (if you use one) may be displayed online, including on Magic Chopstick's websites and social media accounts, leaderboards, and multiplayer game listings.
- Obliteracy collects basic diagnostic data to improve future versions. This data includes basic information about your computer or device (such as operating system, screen dimensions, and basic feature support) as well as simple game performance statistics. These statistics are completely anonymous and are collected solely to improve the overall game experience.

Advertising and Third Parties

- Obliteracy serves advertisements from Tapjoy. Tapjoy is a common, well-established advertising provider. For more information on this service, please visit http://tapjoy.com.
- Obliteracy uses Google Analytics to help track and analyze game usage and website traffic. Google Analytics is a common, well-established data analysis provider. For more information on Google Analytics, please visit http://analytics.google.com/.
- Obliteracy uses Stripe to process payments on all platforms other than iOS. Stripe is a common, well-established payment services provider. For more information about Stripe, please visit http://stripe.com/.
- Obliteracy uses Dreamhost as our hosting service. All data is transmitted to their networks and stored on their hardware. For more information on Dreamhost, please visit http://dreamhost.com/.
- Obliteracy uses a variety of third party libraries and assets distributed under various copyleft licenses. Further information on these assets and their licenses is available at https://obliteracy.com/copyleft/.

Purchasing In-Game Credits and Loot Tiles

- Obliteracy allows users to purchase in-game credits and Loot Tiles. Credits can be used to unlock characters and activate special boosts. Loot Tiles provide either additional credits or character-specific upgrades.
- All game content can be accessed without purchasing anything.
- So long as a user has fewer than five Loot Tiles, free Loot Tile is automatically earned every four hours.
- All in-game purchases are final and non-refundable.
- In-Game Credits are associated with your Obliteracy.com account, not with the device or computer you are currently using.
- Loot Tiles can only be purchased when logged in to an Obliteracy.com account.
- All credit card information is transmitted securely and directly to Stripe.com, our payment processing provider. Obliteracy.com will never receive or store your credit card information.
- An active Internet connection is required to make purchases, open Loot Tiles, spend credits, assign upgrades to characters, and sell upgrades.
- Once assigned, upgrades do not require an Internet connection to function.
- Loot Tiles come in a variety of rarities, with more valuable Loot Tiles being rarer. When opening a Loot Tile, the approximate odds for Loot Tile rarities are currently: Standard (65.3%), Uncommon (18.8%), Rare (10.7%), Epic (4.0%), Legendary and higher (1.2%).

Cloud Saves

- When logged in to your Obliteracy.com account, your game progress will automatically be saved to the Obliteracy.com server. A small save icon will appear in the upper-right corner of the game to indicate cloud save progress.
- Cloud saves are automatically loaded when a user begins playing on a device other than the one they were last playing on.
- If there is an interruption in a user's Internet connection, the game will continue to attempt to save the game to the cloud.
- If the game is unable to save game data to the cloud and the player connects to another device before a save is successfully completed, they will continue playing from the last successful cloud save on their new device, and the unsaved data from the other device will be lost.

Data Security

- Obliteracy saves information to a Flash cookie on your computer/device.
- All single player game data is saved locally via the Flash cookie.
- If you opt to remember your login on a device, your username and hashed password will be saved locally via the Flash cookie.
- Anytime your password is saved or transmitted, it is first salted and hashed using the SHA-1 hash algorithm. The SHA-1 hash algorithm is a "one-way" encryption method: it is very easy to create a hash from a password, but incredibly challenging and time-consuming to retrieve a password from a hash. Your hashed password is stored on our servers; when you log in, your computer hashes your password and transmits it to our server. If the two hashes match exactly, then we know that the passwords both match, and we allow you to log in.
- While SHA-1 is an older hashing algorithm, it is more than adequate for low-significance accounts like those at Obliteracy.com. To successfully "break" SHA-1 still requires immense computing power and considerable amounts of time, energy, and money. To use such power to break into an Obliteracy.com account would be a mind-boggling waste of resources.
- We never know what your "real" password is--we only receive and store its hash.
- All data transmitted to and from Obliteracy.com is encrypted using industry-standard SSL encryption.
- All multiplayer game data is sent to and stored at Obliteracy.com. All single-player turn data is sent to Obliteracy.com. If you are logged in, your username is associated with this turn data.
- All account information--including username, email, preferences, and a hashed password, is sent to and stored at Obliteracy.com.
- A record of all purchases is stored at Obliteracy.com. This record cross-references usernames with what was purchased, how much was spent, and a copy of the confirmation token from our payment processor (when applicable.) No credit card data is stored on Obliteracy.com's servers.
- We take your data security seriously. That said, we're a very small operation, and we cannot guarantee that our systems will never be compromised. We recommend you use a unique or "unimportant" password for your Obliteracy.com account to minimize your own exposure to risk.
- In the event of a detected data breach, Magic Chopstick Games will make an honest and reasonable effort to inform users, in a timely fashion, of the nature and extent of the breach. Notification will occur via email and this website. - Again, we would like to reiterate: we've put up some good walls and follow sensible, industry-standard security practices, but we'd be fools to declare that we can keep hackers out. Frankly, anyone who does is lying to you. Selecting a unique or unimportant password for your Obliteracy.com will help ensure that any data breaches that occur at Obliteracy.com will have a minimal impact on you.